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How to read tarot cards?

If you have ever wondered how to read tarot cards then this is the article for you! This was a little “tarot cards how to read” tutorial. Being able to read tarot cards is considered by many to be both a science as well as an art. It requires precision to be able to deal the cards correctly (so that different spreads of tarot cards still reveal the correct result) and a little bit of psychic or intuitive ability because the meaning of a tarot card depends just as much on the person having the reading done as it does on the card itself.

When you are learning how to read tarot cards, your first objective should be to learn what the basic meaning of each card is. A single tarot card can have multiple meanings, depending on where it ends up in the tarot card spread as well as whether it is upright or is reversed. Another part of the preparatory work of this “tarot cards: how to read” tutorial is the infusion of the cards with your energy. Wrap the cards in a scarf or cloth to create a clean and safe environment for the cards and then sleep with the cards either under your pillow or next to your heart for a week.

When you sit down to read the tarot cards, concentrate on the question you are asking the cards and then shuffle the card deck. The best way to do this is to make a big pile of the cards, move them around and then shuffle them just like you would with a regular card deck. After shuffling your tarot deck, cut the deck. If you are doing a reading for another person, have that person cut the deck while asking their question out loud. If the reading is for you, ask your own question out loud as you cut the deck.

From here, lay the cards out in a tarot spread. There are different spreads that you can learn and once you learn them, you can lay the cards out in the spread of your choosing. The easiest spread is the four card diamond.

First, look at the design on each of the cards. If the card is right side up for the reader it is in a positive or “upright” position. If it looks upside down to the reader it is “reversed.” Reversed cards often mean a conflict or a blocking of energy. From here, figure out what each card means and what it means when those particular cards are placed together. There are plenty of sites and books that teach the meaning of cards in various positions of the different spreads. After a while, you will be able to figure out your own meanings for the cards and your own descriptions to personalize the style of your readings. Simply follow your instincts!