Tarot cards meaning

Many people want to know what the meaning of each tarot cards is. People are fascinated by tarot cards and their ability to look into the past, present, future and soul of person they are dealt for. Here are some tarot cards and the corresponding meaning of each tarot cards. For this list, we will look at a few cards in the Suit of Cups.

The Ace of Cups is also called the Root of the Powers of Water. This is one of the more simple cards. When it is upright it means love, joy, fertility and faithfulness. It signifies the beginning of artistic or other creative projects and it symbolizes all of the unconscious mind’s positive powers. When the card is reversed, it symbolizes a change for the worst in the viewer’s life. There might be a time of barrenness coming—and this barrenness can be either mental or physical. There could also be a failure in love and an illustration of despair or a loss in faith.

The Page of Cups is also the Princess of the Waters and the Lotus of the Palace of the Floods. This card is often seen as a sign of imagination. It can indicate that the viewer is in need of some quiet reflection. Depending on where it sits in the deal, this card can be a messenger that is bringing the news of someone’s engagement, news of marriage or news of a birth. It shows that the viewer is quiet, gentle and kind and that they could encounter a person who is both smart and will give advice freely or a person who has the gift of foresight. If the card is reversed it could mean that the viewer will soon be aware of a deception and that the person suffers from a self indulgence that is shallow and that they fail to make any sort of meaningful commitment. It could symbolize a jack of all trades kind of character or a person who keeps his knowledge to himself and tends to be a bit of a schemer.

The King of Cups is also called the Chariot of Waters. When this car is upright, it symbolizes a person who does not command love but does command respect. It shows a man who is considerate and responsible and often is a lawyer or a businessperson. While the person might be kind, they are also skilled at negotiations and are ambition. The person is a skilled at manipulation and has used their brain to obtain a position of power. This person seeks out power and often has hidden motives that cause others not to trust or to fear him. If the car is reversed, it could signify a dishonest and violent person who is often a double dealer. The only responsibility this person will honor is to himself an he often has no sense of morals.